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‘Break The Taboo’ – An Interview with Kendra Clarke

In today’s blog, we’re talking to the lovely Kendra Clarke. She has kindly taken the time to tell us about her experiences with Endometriosis and how life-changing laser hair removal has been.

Hi Kendra, thank you so much for chatting with LaserHQ. Shall we start with what made you decide to get laser hair removal?

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis when I was 20. As a result, I was given some hormone-related therapy, including a drug that I was injected with every three months, which essentially forced menopause. One of the main side effects was that I grew a lot of excess facial hair from the ages of 21 to 27, and it was something I really struggled with. I looked into laser hair removal for three or four years, and it was a bit of a process. I’d read very conflicting things online about the effectiveness with Endo and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

I also thought it would cost thousands of pounds because when I thought of laser, I thought of rich housewives. It kind of had that perception around it, so I’d always put it off – it always felt like a bit of a pipedream. I kept telling myself that it probably wouldn’t work for me anyway. But then my friend decided to get her legs lasered. I was still feeling down about my excess hair, and she told me to try it, even though I was still convinced it wouldn’t work. She told me to just go and have a consultation because if it doesn’t work, what have you really lost?

Would you mind telling us a little bit about your experiences of that first consultation and visit to LaserHQ?

I booked a consultation, and just the thought of walking in was nerve-wracking. I had no idea what to expect, and I went there thinking they were going to laugh me out. But of course, they didn’t. The place was absolutely pristine, everything was super gorgeous, and the girls were all absolute stunners. One of the girls made a joke about what takeaway she was going to have, and I breathed a sigh of relief – they were all normal!

The consultation was very relaxed and professional. It was when Jo asked if there were any questions for her that it hit me. I said to her, “So, can you actually do it?” She was a bit confused and said, “Of course we can hun!” I just burst into tears and told her I thought she was going to say no. She explained that they treat so many people with Endo, and literally, the relief I felt was unreal. I cried even more when she said how excited she was to see how life-changing this would be for me. She even said it was the best part of her job – she was amazing.

That’s so wonderful to hear! We’re so pleased that our lovely girls put you at ease. And how did you find the results when you started your sessions?

The difference between the first and second sessions was the biggest. It was absolutely amazing. After my second session, I looked in the mirror, and I felt like I was looking at a different person. I have one session left on my face, but it’s changed my life beyond measure – that’s the only way to describe it. I didn’t realise how little self-confidence I had before starting my laser hair journey. It affected my posture too; I always had my head down and was always slouching. Even down to the way I’d style my hair, I’d always do it to cover my face. But recently, I’ve even had my hair cut short, and I never would’ve done that before!

It’s affected my life in every single way. Before it, I was plucking 30/40 hairs out of my face every day and waxing at home every week. It might sound silly, but that’s an extra 45 minutes I can have in bed now, not worrying about that! My skin is so much clearer too, it isn’t constantly irritated, and my jawline used to be covered in hives. One of the main comments I’ve had is that my skin looks amazing now. I had no idea it would have these massive effects. Even when my boyfriend would touch the side of my face, I’d always flinch. And I’d wake up in the morning facing him in bed rather than turning away. It’s these little things that it’s changed. I’m so much more confident now. It’s like a new lease of life.

Do you think enough is being done to talk about Endometriosis and the side effects you’ve personally experienced, such as excess hair?

We definitely don’t talk about it enough. I used to be so ashamed. At the first consultation, I couldn’t believe it when Jo said they treat loads of women with Endo. I thought it was just me. I think we women can feel embarrassed about it, there’s so much stigma and shame, and it makes us not want to talk about it. After I had it done, I posted on the Endo support group on Facebook that I’m a member of. It was the first time I posted about excess hair because it wasn’t a topic that was ever discussed, but I thought because it’s been a huge part of my Endo journey, then maybe it might’ve been for others too. The comments and messages I received on it were absolutely unbelievable. This campaign and experiencing the results of laser hair removal has made me speak out about it and my experience.

Thank you so much for speaking out about it, Kendra. We truly believe that this is something that should be spoken about more. What would you say to somebody who’s reading this and feels too worried to talk about it?

There are probably a lot of women out there thinking, “I thought it was just me” – I know because I was in that position once too. Anyone who’s reading this and feels underconfident or perhaps they’re looking for a sign, take this as your sign. Talking about this openly in this campaign is one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done – I’ve really pushed myself out of my comfort zone and made myself feel vulnerable. But now I’ve done it, I feel very proud. I’m proud to be associated with the campaign and the amazing work it’s doing.

LaserHQ is changing lives every day. It’s absolutely incredible what Helen (Quayle, LaserHQ founder) is doing to spread the word, and I’m in awe of her. She’s such a wonderful person. It’s so important to be spreading the word and giving people the information. I just didn’t realise what Endo had done to me. I love getting ready in the morning now, something I never have before. It battered me, but I’m coming out the other side.

Wow, what an emotional and incredible story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, Kendra!

As part of our’ Break The Taboo at LaserHQ’ campaign, we’re creating literature about Endometriosis and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), showcasing clients’ stories and experiences, running advertising campaigns and hosting live sessions on social media with hormone and skin specialists. We’re also unveiling our fantastic billboards, close to our clinics in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.

To launch this campaign, we’ve created bespoke facial and body hair packages, which will be discounted throughout the campaign period (15th November – 5th December 2021). For every package purchased, we will donate £5 to Endometriosis UK (registered charity 1035810).

According to Endometriosis UK, diagnosis can be difficult and often delayed because it manifests itself in various ways and shares symptoms with other conditions. Recent research shows that there is now an average of 7.5 years between women first seeing a doctor about their symptoms and receiving a firm diagnosis. Please visit Endometriosis UK for more information about symptoms and diagnosis.

Disclaimer: It’s important to say that this blog is not official medical advice – this is based on our experiences of Endometriosis and our clients’ experiences. Please seek medical advice or speak to your GP if you are concerned about any health issues. There are also many resources on our charity partner’s website: Endometriosis UK.

LaserHQ charity fundraising: £5 from every package purchased as part of the ‘Break The Taboo at LaserHQ’ campaign will be donated to Endometriosis UK, registered charity 1035810.

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