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Here at LaserHQ we care. We care about our customers, both existing and new. We care about our team, (who are more  like family than colleagues) and we care about our loyal followers who engage with us every day on social media.  

We want everyone who walks through our doors and interacts with us in any way to feel this, and to leave us feeling better  than when we found them. We are committed to acting with integrity – doing the right things, even when nobody is  watching, and this is the foundation for everything we do.  

Having listened to our customers heartfelt feedback, we know just how life changing our treatment can be. It’s our aim to  make people feel comfortable enough to have the confidence to visit LaserHQ. Regardless of their story, we don’t judge,  we welcome.  

Our customers range from people who simply want hair removal for convenience, to trans women, to women with  hormonal issues, where excess hair has had a real impact on their quality of life. Our team often hear stories from women  who, until they had their treatment, were too self-conscious to enjoy even the simplest of everyday activities and who,  since coming to LaserHQ, now live a happier and more fulfilled life. These women and their stories have inspired us to want  to help as many women as possible, as well as raise awareness of the impact hormones can have on the female body and  how laser hair removal might help them on their journey.  

Having been diagnosed with Endometriosis POD and Adenomyosis myself, this is something which is very close to my  heart. Endometriosis often gets linked to painful periods however mine was a little different. Painful flare ups, bloating,  mood swings, hot sweats and fatigue were just some of the symptoms which were wrongly diagnosed for many years – often being put down to stress, until finally a specialist linked them to my hormones. Excess hair is often one of these  symptoms.  

Endometriosis isn’t often spoke about but affects 1.5 million women in the UK. As we continue to grow, LaserHQ is  committed to continue to talk about Endometriosis in a bid to raise awareness and help more women overcome some of  the challenges they’re facing. 

Starting in November 2021, we will run campaigns, to not only raise awareness, but also donate a percentage of our profits  to Endometriosis UK, the UK’s largest charity supporting those affected by Endometriosis.  

From a sustainability perspective, we’re aware that as a growing company, our impact on the environment is something  that we need to consider. By default, the result of laser hair removal is the permanent removal of unwanted hair, which  will as a result, reduce the usage of razors – one of the least recyclable products on the market. We’re proud to say however, that we’re aiming higher. Having upgraded our machines earlier this year, our new machines store energy, only using it when needed, rather than constantly drawing from the mains power supply. This reduces energy usage whilst  ensuring maximum power when required – thus ensuring that we don’t compromise on the quality of our treatment.  

We already use vegan and cruelty free Aloe Vera creams post treatment and have plans for our offices to be paperless by  the end of 2021. 

I’m excited to share updates on our journey with you all as we move forward. This is only the beginning… 

Helen x

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    07414 271 194
    (Please see opening times on contact page)

    07414 271 194
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    07414 271 194
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