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Our Results

Our results are a reason why we are the best in the business!

At LaserHQ we have won awards for our service.  We take pride in offering an affordable 5 star treatment.  Take a look at some of our clients’ results pictures below.


Face is a common treatment for female and male clients!

We can treat all areas from hairline, top lip and chin to beard shaping (except eyes/ eyebrow areas).

We have got you – feel confident once again with this popular area. 


Are you tired of having to shave your underarms everyday? THIS is the answer!

Making your life easier from gym sessions, to simply waving without worrying.

Treatment in this area can also remove the dark shadow giving you extra confidence and an easier life. 


Hollywood, Brazilian, heart shaped, bikini line…anything you desire we can do.  

ALL areas can be treated (YES ALL) and we don’t miss a spot!

For ingrown hairs, shaving rashes etc – laser is the ONLY way you will get rid of these. 


Why hide them away in Winter? Be leg confident all year round!

From swimming, to making your tan look perfect, our leg treatment is a popular area, due to never having to get the razor out again for the tedious task.

Other Areas

Remember we can treat ALL areas across the body.

From toes to nipples, where there is hair we can laser!

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    07414 271 194
    (Please see opening times on contact page)


    07414 271 194
    (Please see opening times on contact page)


    07414 271 194
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