Proud to be going green at LaserHQ – Making sure our future is as smooth as our skin! | LaserHQ

Proud to be going green at LaserHQ – Making sure our future is as smooth as our skin!

Sustainability is very important to us and the work we do at LaserHQ. We’re proud to be proactive in our efforts of going green, and we’re always looking at fresh and innovative ways to boost our green credentials. We’re especially aware of this as a growing company because our impact on the environment is something that we need to consider in every aspect of our business.

At our core, our offering of laser hair removal has a positive impact from a sustainability perspective. This is because the permanent removal of unwanted hair reduces the usage of razors. Not everyone is aware of the detrimental effect that disposable razors have on the environment.

Did you know?
– Disposable razors are one of the bathroom’s biggest waste items.
– Even the razors where you only replace the razor head are wasteful because the razor heads are made and packaged with plastic.

Razors generally cannot be easily recycled because they are made of many different materials, including plastic, steel and rubber.
– In addition, they clog up landfill sites due to their hazardous sharp nature.

Although technically not ‘single-use’, it’s the disposability that’s the problem. The manufacturing process in itself is complex and expensive.
Approximately 5.5 million people in the UK alone use disposable razors. Imagine how much plastic is being thrown away every day due to these vast numbers? And further to this, how much remains stuck in landfill sites?
– There are currently no significant developments to ban disposable razors (in the same way that plastic straws, drinks stirrers and cotton buds have been banned), but hopefully this should change in the future.

We are proud to have introduced 100% biodegradable razors in all our clinics, which are used to remove any stray hairs, prior to the laser hair removal treatment.

We’re proud that our offering of permanent hair removal will have a significant impact by default. However, we’re pleased to say that we’re still aiming higher. Working in partnership with Cosmeditech, LaserHQ is the first company in the UK to launch bespoke, branded Elysion laser machines. Our new machines offer high-quality diode hair removal. They store energy and only use it when needed, rather than constantly drawing from the mains power supply. This reduces energy usage whilst ensuring maximum power when required, ensuring that we don’t compromise on the quality of our treatment.

We also already use vegan and cruelty-free ultrasound Aloe Vera gel post treatment.

Finally, we’re delighted to say that our offices are completely paperless. Previously, all our consultation forms were printed out on paper. However, this has now been replaced with an online booking system, and all forms are now completed electronically on iPads.

LaserHQ CEO, Helen Quayle, said: “Sustainability is something we take seriously at LaserHQ. We’re pleased with the processes we’ve implemented so far to ensure that the company is as green as possible. Our new machines ensure that energy usage is kept to a minimum, but that the high quality of the treatment remains the same. And it’s fantastic that we can say we’re now completely paperless. We’re really proud to be going green at LaserHQ, and we’ll continue to look at any further ways we can improve our sustainability.”

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